Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0: How to Lead Any Profession, Anywhere in the World

Bruce Wright’s mother died the day before Leszek and Bruce met for the first time. Bruce went forward with the meeting and the two wound up talking for almost 4 hours. Amongst Bruce’s many financial insights were deep, often spiritual observations about being human. He characterized IMmortal Foundation as a “truly transcendent” idea and he has been a mentor and friend ever since. Bruce Wright’s new book, “Transcendent thought and Market Leadership 1.0. How to Lead Any Profession, Anywhere in the World”, speaks of IMmortal Foundation in the chapter on “Transcendent Philanthropy”: “Lesh and I formed a profound connection almost immediately. There I was dealing with the very unexpected death of my mother and sitting across the table from me was a man dedicated to helping everyone transcend death-related grief and anxiety. Engaging customers on a topic of utmost immediate concern would not only increase connection and understanding, it could also elevate trust. When customers believe that you are truly helping them with what matters most to them, they feel understood, heard, and valued. IMmortal Foundation helps people move from their current states to a more peaceful state of mind about life and death. Their mission resonated with me deeply. So of course I gladly took on the role of mentoring them through strategically planning their efforts to impact millions of people everywhere.” Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0 is available for sale through Amazon.

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