Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain Screening at “Films That Change the World”

IMmortal Foundation sponsored the Keynote Address of Tim Edwards, Executive Trustee of the Bhopal Medical Appeal, a charity that helps victims of the 1984 industrial disaster in Bhopal, India.  Described as the world’s worst industrial disaster, this tragedy claimed the lives of over 15,000 people, and has injured over 550,000 others.  Mr. Edwards traveled from London to the Canon Theater in Hollywood to deliver an eloquent and compassionate summary of the outstanding work of the Bhopal Medical Appeal.   His April 4, 2015 keynote address was given following the screening of “Bhopal, A Prayer for Rain” – a feature film directed by Ravi Kumar, starring Martin Sheen, Kal Penn, and Mischa Barton. Leszek Burzynski and Terrance Sweeney, Executive Producers of the film, joined SAG-AFTRA President, Ken Howard, and stars Martin Sheen and Mischa Barton at this special screening and fund-raising event, hosted by Kat Kramer as part of her series “Films That Change the World.”

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